Mile Zero Seltzers are a light, refreshing take on the traditional seltzer.  We make our seltzers with Zero sugar, Zero sweeteners, and therefore, they have Zero calories.  Now that's refreshing!


Mile Zero Seltzer is named after the famous Trans Canada Highway "Mile Zero" marker right here in Victoria.  Situated at the foot of Douglas street at Dallas road, Mile Zero is the start of the world's longest highway.  This location holds a very special place in our hearts as a symbol of a fresh start, and the journey ahead.


Enjoy a Mile Zero Seltzer without any of the sugar or calories of traditional soda pop.

Seltzer Flavours

It's like you are on the side of the road on your way up island in late summer picking as many Black Berries as you can!  One for the box, and two for you, right?  This refreshing Seltzer has a refreshing, light, natural Blackberry flavour.  Not over powering, not too subtle.  Enjoy on it's own, or as a Zero Calorie option for your favorite the wheels are turning!


Cucumber Seltzer.  Spa water.  Purely refreshing.  This Cucumber flavoured seltzer will transport you to a place where there is Zero Sugar, Zero Calories, and tones of aroma and flavour.

Enjoy directly from the bottle, on ice, or why not go crazy and add some Gin!

Cucumber.  Who knew it could be this good!


Tangerine Seltzer tastes like how a tangerine smells.  It will give you an instant image of those little boxes at the grocery store, and memories of trying to peel the whole thing in one piece.  Not too bold, not too subtle, this Tangerine flavour quenches the thirst when plain old water just won't do.  Fizz, Flavour, and Zero Calories and Zero Sugar...need we say more?