Victoria Soda Works merchandise in now available for order by email.



Victoria Soda Works variety 6 packs come in a variety of flavours this year.  Each pack has a tag telling you what yummy flavours are in that pack.  With so many flavours we couldn't decide on only 6!


The 6 pack comes in a multi-use cardboard carrier.  A "To & From" tag in case you wish to give this as a gift, and a Victoria Soda Works retro wooden bottle opener!


You can get these six packs directly through us via email or phone.


Price: $16.00

We just love our new bottle openers!  These wall mount bottle opener boards feature a custom Victoria Soda Works cast opener mounted on a piece of Birch ply wood.  The birdcage art is by local artist Megan Beverage.  These boards have been hand screened in our own Pop Studio (The Pop Studio is responsible for all the creative things we come up).


Price: $20.00

Order today! 250-360-2250